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IT servers
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Acronym Solutions Overview

Discover all the ways we help you maximize your digital capabilities with a snapshot of our solutions.

Network connectivity layout
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Internet & Network

Network connectivity, secure data transport and business enablement solutions for your organization.

Dark fibre internet
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Secure SD-WAN

A hybrid wide-area network solution with built-in security for faster connectivity and better performance of cloud-enabled applications.

Network tower attachment
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Tower Attachments

Fast and cost-effective access to a network of utility-grade towers across Ontario.

MPLS servers
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A storage platform designed to store, protect, preserve and retrieve your data.

IT monitoring
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M365 Backup

Eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your M365 data.

Firewall services
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Veeam Cloud Connect

Complete cloud-based backup solution for virtual environments, combining on-premise and off-site data consolidation and backup.

Outsourced field IT operations
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Virtual Data Centre

Segment and isolate your assets and resources within a multi-tenant environment, to securely separate workloads at the application level.

M365 backup
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Private Cloud

Get all the benefits of public cloud capabilities with the security and dedication of a private cloud service.

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