Full-service Manage IT

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Managing IT systems and devices spread out across offices, remote workstations and the cloud can be a handful. With Manage IT, we’ll manage, monitor and troubleshoot all your systems 24/7/365 – ensuring there aren’t any costly service interruptions. It will free up your time, give your business ongoing access to the latest technology and deliver cost savings.

Manage IT
Product summary
24/7/365 monitoring, support, maintenance, reporting and asset management of your IT infrastructure.
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How does it Work?

With Manage IT, a secure program is installed on all devices and systems. The program collects data and sends it out to our Network Operations Centre in a secure, encrypted form, where our team will monitor your IT infrastructure and respond to anything that needs attention.

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Proactive Management

We guarantee proper performance of your environment through strict service-level agreements.
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Patch Management

We’ll ensure all your devices have the latest updates.
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Inventory and Warranty

We’ll manage and keep track of all your systems and devices 24/7/365.
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Fixed Monthly Cost

Easily manage your budget with fixed rates for each device, server, network or cloud service.
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