Managed SD-WAN Services

Using traditional WAN technology for cloud-based computing is expensive and inefficient. Our Secure SD-WAN services give you the higher bandwidth performance and faster connectivity you’re looking for in a 100% secure, fully managed package.

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Why Our Managed SD-WAN Services Are Different

Most SD-WAN providers have built-in security features, which go a long way toward detecting and mitigating risk. But they also leave gaps that expose organizations to risk. To optimize software-defined network security, our Secure SD-WAN services includes Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) protection and a team to manage the entire security solution.

SD-WAN as a service
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Powered by Fortinet

Leverages cloud-based tools from Fortinet, a top-rated cybersecurity provider, for best-of-breed network protection.

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Fully Managed Service

Focus on what you do best, while our highly trained experts implement, maintain and manage your network.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Provides customers with view-only access to WAN link utilization and QoS performance.

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Application-Aware Routing

Intelligently identifies applications and routes traffic based on defined policies and current network conditions.

Acronym's Powerful SD-WAN Solution

Acronym’s Secure SD-WAN offers a cost-effective alternative to WAN infrastructure.

Discover Secure SD-WAN

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Product Summary
Secure SD-WAN

A hybrid wide-area network solution with built-in security for faster connectivity and better performance of cloud-enabled applications.
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Secure SD-WAN: Revolutionizing Cyber-Safe Branch Network Connectivity

Shifting to SD-WAN is great, but it does add a new layer of complexity to your network security. Even one unsecured entry point could lead to an extremely costly and time-consuming breach. Read more about the importance of a proactive security approach, and why not all SD-WAN technology is created equal.
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SD-WAN is the Future. But Not Without Security.

More businesses are going cloud first every day, so the adoption of SD-WAN is increasing. Learn why SD-WAN still requires proactive network security.
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Q: What is the difference between SD-WAN and WAN?

A: The primary difference between SD-WAN and traditional WAN (Wide Area Network) lies in their architecture and management. A conventional WAN typically relies on dedicated, hardware-based infrastructure and static configurations, while SD-WAN leverages software-defined principles. SD-WAN uses software to dynamically route traffic over various network links (such as MPLS, broadband, or cellular) based on real-time performance metrics, application priorities, and defined policies. This flexibility, along with centralized control and automation, makes SD-WAN more agile, cost-effective, and adaptable to modern networking needs compared to the static and hardware-centric nature of traditional WANs.

A: The key components of SD-WAN include SD-WAN edge devices (usually routers or appliances) installed at branch offices, a central controller or orchestrator for centralized management and policy enforcement, and the underlying network connectivity, which can consist of multiple transport options like MPLS, broadband internet, or 4G/5G cellular connections. SD-WAN solutions also incorporate features such as application identification and traffic steering, security functions (firewalls and encryption), WAN optimization, and monitoring and reporting tools. These components collaborate to enhance network performance, optimize application delivery, and simplify network management in distributed environments.

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