SD-WAN with Integrated Security

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Switching to SD-WAN is the ideal choice for higher bandwidth performance, faster connectivity, redundancy and reliability. But, SD-WAN adds complexity to network security. And that’s why Acronym offers Secure SD-WAN, a solution that integrates network connectivity and security in one comprehensive, fully managed package.

Secure SD-WAN: Revolutionizing Cyber-Safe Branch Network Connectivity
Shifting to SD-WAN is great, but it does add a new layer of complexity to your network security. Even one unsecured entry point could lead to an extremely costly and time-consuming breach. Read more about the importance of a proactive security approach, and why not all SD-WAN technology is created equal.
Secure SD-WAN
Product summary
A hybrid wide-area network solution with built-in security for faster connectivity and better performance of cloud-enabled applications.
SD-WAN is the future. But not without security
More businesses are going cloud first every day, so the adoption of SD-WAN is increasing. Learn why SD-WAN still requires proactive network security.
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Why do I Need Added Security?

Most SD-WAN providers have built-in security features, which go a long way toward detecting and mitigating risk. But they also leave gaps that expose organizations to risk. To optimize software-defined network security, Secure SD-WAN includes Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) protection and a team to manage the entire security solution.

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Powered by Fortinet

Leverages cloud-based tools from Fortinet, a top-rated cybersecurity provider, for best-of-breed network protection.
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Fully Managed Service

Focus on what you do best, while our highly trained experts implement, maintain and manage your network.
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Real-time Dashboard

Provides customers with view-only access to WAN link utilization and QoS performance.
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Application-aware Routing

Intelligently identifies applications and routes traffic based on defined policies and current network conditions.

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