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Learn how Secure SD-WAN will revolutionize how you architect your network.


We're in the midst of a technological revolution, and distributed enterprises—those with multiple branch offices—are adopting technologies at a rapid pace in their journey of Digital Transformation.

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From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to SaaS-based platforms and applications that are hosted in the cloud, companies of all types and across industries are being affected by digital technology that's demanding more bandwidth, speed and security—from more devices—than ever before.

If your organization is doing business in the cloud while relying on traditional wide-area network (WAN) connectivity, you're likely not getting the performance you want and need from your network and may also be exposing yourself to greater cybersecurity risks. 

But traditional networks weren't built to support the cloud-based platforms and applications that are driving today's workspaces, and legacy network systems are straining to keep up with the increasing and ever-evolving demand.


Powered by top-rated cybersecurity provider Fortinet and delivered as a fully managed service, this solution is the first of its kind in Canada and among the first globally to integrate award-winning WAN Edge infrastructure with best-of-class cybersecurity protection built right into the solution. 

Secure SD-WAN deploys a hybrid network architecture that integrates legacy WAN services with direct and secure branch-to-Internet connectivity—bypassing the need to route all network traffic back to the main site. The resulting network provides cost-effectiveness and increased performance while mitigating cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 


Powered by Fortinet