Round-the-clock, Automated DDoS Protection

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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise – and they can be crippling. They’ll slow network, server or application activity for minutes or days, costing your business six-figure losses, or worse – ruining your public trust. Acronym’s DDoS Shield stops attacks before they start, giving you peace of mind.

DDoS Shield
Product summary
Automated cyberthreat detection and mitigation technology that works in real time to scan for malicious traffic and block it, before it affects your network.
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What Makes DDoS Shield Different?

An add-on to our internet service, DDoS Shield provides constant, automatic cyber threat detection and mitigation in seconds. An easy-to-use, real-time portal lets you see insightful threat data. And, unlike other solutions, traffic detection and mitigation stays within our Canadian network, keeping latency low and your data under Canadian law.

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24/7 Automated Detection

Comprehensive protection against the latest threats. Automatically detects and blocks malicious traffic.
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In-line Detection and Mitigation

Keeps latency ultra low by stopping attacks before they start, while allowing legitimate traffic.
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Real-time Customer Portal

View history and nature of attacks, including size, frequency and duration, for deeper cybersecurity insight.
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Data Sovereignty

The platform is within our Canadian network, so your traffic is monitored and protected under Canadian law.

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