Network Operations as a Service

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Take advantage of our professionally staffed Network Operations Centre (NOC) to keep your communications infrastructure running smoothly. We’ll manage and monitor your day-to-day operations, while you focus on value-added activities that push your businesses forward.

Our fully redundant NOC offers 24/7 network management and support. Our team monitors the network that enables Ontario’s electrical grid. We’re hyper-vigilant, which is especially useful for “always on” organizations that need consistent network performance to deliver critical services.

Network Operations as a Service
Product summary
Read more about how Network Operations as a Service works and how it improves your digital capabilities.
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The demand on network performance has never been greater. Discover why businesses are outsourcing telecommunications network monitoring and field operations management.
A Case for Outsourcing
For most organizations’ networks, “business as usual” doesn’t exist anymore—at least, not in its original form. Even before COVID-19, businesses were grappling with Digital Transformation, escalating frequency of cyberthreats and ongoing labour shortages. Read more about how businesses are responding to the changing realities by outsourcing their network and field operations.
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Why Outsource Network Operations?

The growing adoption of digital transformation solutions is necessary, but it puts a heavy burden on communications infrastructure. Most organizations simply aren’t equipped with the human or financial resources to monitor, manage, maintain, repair and recover complex network equipment and services.

This is why more and more companies are turning to third-party network operations service providers to maintain the best-possible network resilience, performance and uptime without the cost and complexity of building out the services in-house.

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Incident Management

We leverage Operating Support Systems (OSS) platforms to monitor and manage any change in your network.
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Event Management

When networks fail or are disrupted, we identify and resolve the issue from our Network Operations Centre.
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Change Management

For planned network disruptions, we schedule and manage outages in accordance with customer approvals and industry best practices.
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Problem Management

Chronic events and performance issues are managed as “tickets,” which come with work-arounds and/or scheduled maintenance windows to correct.
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