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Addressing Common Challenges in IT

Change is the only constant in the world of IT. Now more than ever, businesses need IT leaders to support a whole new way of working. To help IT professionals navigate new challenges and seize new opportunities, Acronym offers solutions to optimize time, technology and budgets.


Cybersecurity incidents are increasing in frequency, complexity and impact. The most secure organizations are the most proactive ones. Whether you need fully managed security, additional coverage or a vulnerability assessment, we have what it takes to protect your network and your data.

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Optimizing Budgets

Broadly speaking, IT budgets have been increasing. But so have the list of items those budgets have to cover. Acronym has a number of strategies to get the most value from your budget – from switching to more cost-efficient technologies to outsourcing tasks to reduce overhead.

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Digital Transformation

The need to transform your digital capabilities is more important than ever. If you need help with strategizing, managing or implementing new technologies, Acronym is at your service.

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Work from Anywhere

Remote work not only means higher network traffic flows; it also means an increased demand for cloud-first collaboration capabilities. Acronym can help with these challenges. Whether you need improved connectivity, unified communications or managed IT services, we’ve got you covered.

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Business Back‑Up

If you work in an always-on environment, you know how critical it is to have network redundancy. For mission-critical connectivity, Acronym offers a diverse and robust network that leverages Hydro One’s fibre assets – located above ground on transmission towers – supported 24/7/365 by our Network Operations Centres.

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Business Growth

Pivoting is part of the IT job, but when there are too many changes at once – or a never-seen-before challenge – we have an agile team, ready to help. As your partners, we’re always available to troubleshoot problems, support your internal team, monitor situations and brainstorm solutions.

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Industry Segments

Acronym has solutions for every organization, large or small. Our expertise has helped us build a world-class portfolio of services designed for mission-critical organizations.

Finance and Insurance

For always-on businesses, we offer high-availability networking, security solutions and redundancy planning, with 24/7 support.

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We offer reliable network performance to connect offices and data centres, proactive security solutions and robust back-up services to protect and restore data.

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We not only keep you connected, we also help you transform your digital capabilities for maximum productivity, better cost management and improved services for your customers.

Retail Trade

In addition to providing connectivity for single and multi-site businesses, we can help maintain secure connections, protect data and transfer workflows and applications to the cloud.

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Public Sector

We help government organizations accelerate into the digital future with high-bandwidth connectivity, data-sovereign cloud capabilities, managed IT services and cybersecurity support.

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We have more than 20 years of experience providing protection and control for grid operations, with 24/7 data network support to ensure security and reliability.

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Real Estate

We can help put the right infrastructure in place to enhance connectivity and increase security to deliver smart, connected buildings.

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Expand your networks and improve diversity. Get cost-effective and reliable connectivity by tapping into our network.

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Acronym is all about simple, scalable and cost-efficient ways to help businesses reach their full potential. Browse through our product offerings to discover all the ways we can be partners in your growth.

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