Business Backup

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For organizations built to operate 24/7/365, disruption and downtime aren’t just inconvenient – they’re unthinkable. On the IT front, leaders need to be prepared with redundancies in case their connection fails for any reason. 

Here’s how we can help keep you up and running. 

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A Reliable, Resilient Network

Leveraging fibre assets from Hydro One – located above ground on transmission towers – we’re well suited to deliver diverse and high-performance networking solutions. Rely on low latency and high bandwidth with our multi-layer, fault-tolerant network architecture.

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Backup Services

We have the perfect backup to protect your data in the event of a cyber threat or major connectivity loss. Our cloud-based services let you back up, store and recover your data accurately and consistently.

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24/7/365 Monitoring

Our professionally staffed Network Operations Centre can keep your communications infrastructure running smoothly. We manage and monitor your day-to-day operations, responding to network failure or disruptions. 


What our experts have to say about keeping your business running smoothly.

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Solutions for Business Backup

Here are a few of our products and services to help maximize uptime.

Network Operations as a Service

Turnkey service from our professionally staffed Network Operations Centre to maintain the best-possible network resilience, performance and uptime without the in-house costs.

  • 24/7 monitoring, management and reporting of communication services and infrastructure
  • Enhanced security, including threat monitoring, analysis and resolution 
  • Incident response, including managing power failures and communication line issues

Backup as a Service

A suite of backup and recovery solutions that offer the flexibility and control businesses need to protect and secure their data from loss and cybersecurity threats. 

  • Cloud-based backup solutions available with built-in ransomware protection 
  • Data encryption both in flight and at rest to ensure data is tamper-proof
  • Quick and easy recovery and restoration
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Find a Solution

Learn more about how we can help secure your network with strategy, technology and people. Discover all of our products and services.

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