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Our extensive fibre-optic network spans more than 8,700 km, so you can feel confident that your business is connected through diverse and remote locations. For over two decades, we’ve worked across Ontario to ensure its businesses have the means to connect. Whether your unique network goals are to improve performance, build resilience or increase capacity, we can help.

Internet & Network
Product summary
Network connectivity, secure data transport and business enablement solutions for your organization.
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What Makes Our Internet with Added DDoS Shield Different?

Our internet offers fast, symmetric access and world-class technical support. Businesses enjoy the performance and reliability they need, knowing our network provides improved latency and diversity. Plus, DDoS Shield can be added to quickly and seamlessly protect against DDoS attacks.

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Dedicated Bandwidth

Get the highest levels of availability and reliability with a dedicated connection.
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Secure Networking

Add DDoS protection to stop attacks before they reach your network.
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Network Resilience

Diverse path routing to keep your business connected in the event of an outage.
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Trusted Reliability

High-performance network connectivity delivered by Acronym’s resilient fibre-optic network and 24/7 technical support.

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