Cloud Solutions

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Moving business to the cloud makes sense; it’s affordable, highly available and easily accessible. That said, it does require its own subject matter expertise. Cloud environments need to be managed, maintained and protected – just like any other asset.

And that’s where we come in. Acronym cloud solutions offer everything your business has come to expect from the cloud, but with added security, flexibility and expertise available for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS).

Veeam Cloud Connect (BaaS)

A complete cloud-based backup solution with built-in ransomware protection, to help your business avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss.

  • Store your offsite backups in our Canadian-owned and hosted cloud repository – ensuring data sovereignty
  • All data is encrypted at source, in flight and at rest, for end-to-end security
  • If needed, recover all data, all at once; accurately and consistently

ObjectStore (BaaS)

Secure, resilient, cost-effective and redundant storage for any data produced or managed by your applications.

  • Firewalled infrastructure, with data encrypted both in flight and at rest, to ensure data is tamper proof
  • Immutable storage with 100% log retention of interactions, to protect against ransomware
  • Full context indexing, including metadata, to help you find what you’re looking for easily

M365 Backup (BaaS)

A backup solution that eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your M365 data. It protects you from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.

  • Individual objects are stored in protected file formats for quick recovery and restoration
  • Backups are stored on our Canadian and data-sovereign cloud for convenience and security
  • Access to our proprietary self-service portal for easy access to M365 data

Endpoint Protection (BaaS)

A solution for controlling and securing endpoint data outside of your network. Mitigate risks from data breaches, human error, ransomware and other threats.

  • Encrypt files and folders against would-be thieves on all of your endpoint devices
  • Keep data safe from fake credentials with two-factor authentication and single sign-on
  • Full or selective remote wipes provide complete data security

Virtual Data Centre (IaaS)

A secure, multi-tenant public cloud for the flexibility to operate multiple IT workloads.

  • VMware-certified and enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure that’s easy to manage
  • Scalable, high-performing storage with redundant network infrastructure
  • Ability to connect legacy servers or firewalls to your VDC resources

Private Cloud (IaaS)

A private cloud service that incorporates public cloud capabilities – scalability and functionality – in a secure environment that’s dedicated and tailored to your digital capabilities.

  • Scalable, high-performance infrastructure at fixed and predictable pricing
  • Supports Acronym-provided connectivity or connectivity from other providers
  • Fully certified VMware stack, offering enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure and no constraints on your network design

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