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Moving to the cloud can be a huge step forward for any business – so long as the cloud platform is properly managed and maintained. With Acronym’s cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) you can have full confidence in the security, flexibility, and effectiveness of your cloud environment.
Cloud business services
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Why Do I Need Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup services provide a secure and scalable solution for safeguarding valuable data and ensuring business continuity. They protect against data loss due to various factors, including hardware failures, human errors, cyberattacks, and natural disasters. Our cloud backup services offer accessibility and flexibility, enabling your business to recover data from anywhere with an internet connection.
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Infrastructure Services

Why Do I Need Cloud Infrastructure Services?

Cloud Infrastructure Services are the backbone of robust, scalable, and innovative business operations. The need for such services stems from an organization’s intrinsic need to remain agile, scalable, and secure in its technology. Investing in Cloud Infrastructure Services not only bolsters your operational capabilities with streamlined data management and enhanced collaboration but also ensures that your business is fortified against the volatile demands of the digital marketplace.

Cloud Solutions

Here are a few of our products for cloud challenges.

Infrastructure as a Service

A suite of VMware-certified solutions for easy cloud adoption to optimize IT resources. Fully managed services without the cost and complexity of building or maintaining the necessary cloud infrastructure.

  • Secure public and private cloud solutions
  • Scalable, secure and customizable to your organization’s needs
  • Easy integration with existing IT applications

Backup as a Service

A suite of backup and recovery solutions that offer the flexibility and control businesses need to protect and secure their data from loss and cybersecurity threats.

  • Cloud-based backup solutions available with built-in ransomware protection
  • Data encryption both in flight and at rest to ensure data is tamper-proof
  • Quick and easy recovery and restoration


Q: What are the 3 main types of cloud deployment models?

A: The three most common types of cloud deployment models are public cloud, which utilizes multi-tenanted third-party cloud providers for scalable and cost-effective data storage; private cloud, involving dedicated infrastructure for enhanced control and security; and hybrid cloud , which combines, private, and public cloud resources to create a flexible and robust approach suitable for various organizational needs and compliance requirements. The term hybrid cloud can often be confused with the term multi-cloud; multi-cloud refers to the use of multiple cloud providers while hybrid refers to the use of both public & private clouds (which may or may not be supplied by the same cloud vendor). A multi-cloud deployment helps avoid vendor lock-in and enables redundancy and resiliency.

A: Acronym offers two main types of cloud services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS). IaaS provides organizations with virtualized computing resources, including servers, storage, and networking, allowing them to build, manage, and scale their own infrastructure in the cloud. Acronym’s IaaS portfolio offers both multi-tenanted and private cloud options that are Canadian-owned and managed and have transparent pricing with no hidden fees or egress fees. BaaS, on the other hand, offers cloud-based backup and recovery solutions, enabling businesses to securely back up their data and applications, often without the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure, and ensuring data availability and protection. Many of Acronym’s BaaS services include extra security features to help protect your backups against ransomware.

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