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Keeping your eye on every device and every workstation at all times is nearly impossible. Acronym’s Monitor IT constantly monitors your IT infrastructure and instantly alerts you of any issue so you can minimize downtime.
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How Our IT Monitoring Services Work

Monitor IT provides 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems including servers, websites, cloud infrastructure, routers, switches, printers, networks and peripherals. Depending on your needs, a secure program will be installed on your IT systems to scan and send encrypted health and performance data to our Network Operations Centre. Our team will then alert you if any issues are found.

IT monitoring services, 24/7
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Health and Performance Monitoring

Full monitoring of servers, data storage, switches, routers and workstations.

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Easy to Deploy

Can be quickly deployed in simple and complex IT environments.

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24/7 Coverage

24/7/365 real-time monitoring and alerts.

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Easy Integration

Works within your existing IT environment and in-house ticket management service.

Discover Monitor IT

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Product Summary
Monitor IT

Real-time monitoring of your IT infrastructure to catch and isolate IT issues before they turn into business problems.
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It's time to find new solutions to a new reality. Hybrid work is dramatically impacting the way we do business. It is no longer business as usual, and we should not treat it as such.
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Q: How do you monitor IT infrastructure?

A: Monitoring IT infrastructure involves overseeing the various components of an IT network, including servers, devices, systems, and networks, to ensure their optimum performance and security. This includes implementing monitoring software, setting up alerts, completing regular updates and patch management, performance benchmarks, network analysis, log management and reporting.

A: IT monitoring allows your organization to ensure that critical systems are available and accessible to users when needed. Optimize performance of IT resources by tracking metrics like CPU usage, memory, bandwidth and response times. Capacity planning which provides insights into resource usage allowing you to plan for future infrastructure needs and make cost efficient decisions. Finally it also helps with security and compliance by detecting unusual traffic patterns, and aids in identification of cyber threats.

A: Availability monitoring, performance monitoring, and security monitoring are the 3 major types of IT monitoring. However every organization has different infrastructure, traffic, and demands. Talk to Acronym today to discuss your specific requirements.

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