Fast, Flexible Network Connectivity

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If your business uses the cloud frequently, you might have noticed the large volumes of traffic bogging down your network – and slowing productivity. Acronym’s network connectivity solutions solve the issue, allowing large amounts of data transfer, quickly and securely. Choose from a range of solutions to match your business’ needs.

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Product summary
Network connectivity, secure data transport and business enablement solutions for your organization.
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Why do I Need It?

Downtime – even in short bursts – is disruptive and costly. Reliable connectivity keeps mission-critical applications running continuously, so people can keep working and communicating effectively.

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Optimal uptime for your organization, backed by 24/7 network support.
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Well suited for environments that are responsible for transmitting and storing sensitive data.
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We offer a full range of networking options to meet your connectivity needs.
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High Performance

Transfer large amounts of data quickly and securely through a low-latency, high-bandwidth network connection.


A highly secure network service that connects your headquarters, data centres, satellite offices and mobile employees, without using public internet.


A scalable network solution that connects your offices, data centres and other remote locations to the applications they need.


High-performance transport network connectivity across protected or unprotected circuits, allowing organizations to move large data sets quickly and securely.

Dark Fibre

Secure, unlit transportation network services that provide the ultimate in performance and scalability for businesses that need complete control over their network.

Tower Attachment

Utility-grade tower attachment and co-location options for organizations that want to expand and upgrade their network without the costly investment in infrastructure.

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