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Networks and data are more valuable – and vulnerable – than ever before. Not only is online security necessary for day-to-day business operations; it’s also vital for protecting your privacy and ensuring data sovereignty.


Acronym’s cybersecurity services are designed to provide protection for business networks. Our services can be integrated seamlessly for layered security, giving you the peace of mind that your business is protected from online threats.

DDoS Shield

An add-on to our internet service that delivers automated, intelligent defence to protect your business against DDoS attacks before they reach your networks.

  • 24/7/365 detection and mitigation in seconds
  • Easy-to-use portal for full visibility of your threat landscape
  • Protects legitimate traffic without degrading performance, with near-zero false positives

Secure IT Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Delivers endpoint protection by preventing, detecting and acting on ever-changing threats, providing fast recovery from threats, such as ransomware.

  • Powered by SentinelOne, the cloud-managed solution includes comprehensive features to protect your environment against all threats
  • 24/7/365 endpoint monitoring for incidents and threats
  • Data-driven analytics let you view your endpoint health and security posture in real time

Secure IT Firewall

A real-time monitoring and management service that includes next-generation firewall(s) to protect your network’s infrastructure.

  • Protection against modern threats, such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks 
  • Determines threats by leveraging machine learning to analyze security events 
  • Integrates Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), antivirus, firewall and other security applications in one solution

Secure IT Mail

A fully managed solution for organizations that have made the move to Microsoft 365, providing full email security and extra features that M365 lacks.

  • Advanced threat protection, including AI for real-time spear phishing
  • Email continuity, journal archiving, cloud-to-cloud backup
  • Deployed, configured and managed by our product specialists

Secure IT Switch

A complete switch solution with industry-leading cloud management that makes it a breeze to build secure networks.

  • Built using the Cisco Meraki™ platform, with centralized management, network troubleshooting & automation and application-layer visibility
  • Advanced security through 24/7/365 monitoring and management
  • Integrates with our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for essential protection

Secure IT User Defence

A suite of integrated security services that empower your employees to be the first line of defence against cyberattacks.

  • Ready-to-implement comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training
  • Simulated phishing attacks to test employee knowledge/best practices
  • Real-time dark web intelligence tools that hunt for leaked user credentials

Secure IT Vulnerability Assessment

Services that assess business-critical assets; determine how well your organization meets security best practices; and locate potential vulnerabilities before an attack.

  • Automated assessment to identify and prioritize threats with manual verification to ensure accuracy
  • Patch detection and management to decrease remediation response time
  • Vulnerability remediation support and customized reporting for full visibility

Secure IT WiFi

A turnkey solution for delivering WiFi services, including wireless access points, licensing, configuration, management and threat detection and remediation.

  • Integrates into any IT environment for seamless onboarding and easy management
  • Using machine learning, suspicious activity is reported in real time to live security agents for further action
  • Leverages a team of experts to manage your WiFi solution from end to end

Secure IT Penetration Testing Services

Services that emulate an attack – via our certified ethical hackers – on your systems and applications to validate your security defences.

  • Assessment and attempted exploitation of vulnerabilities to measure effectiveness of security controls
  • Internal, external network and web application penetration testing available
  • Final report on findings and remediation strategies to fix gaps before they are exploited by threat actors

Secure IT Vulnerability Detection Response

A fully managed, world-class service for automated asset discovery, vulnerability management, threat prioritization and optional remediation.

  • Identify vulnerabilities that have the most impact on your risk exposure with prioritized remediation recommendations
  • Deep visibility into your growing IT systems, including on-premises, remote and cloud-based assets
  • Asset discovery, inventory, categorization and normalization of all known and unknown assets in real time for easy review

Secure IT Cyber Incident Response

Rapid response to active threats from our global team of remote incident responders and threat analysts.

  • 24/7 threat monitoring, hunting and response services
  • Triage starts within hours, with most customers starting the recovery phase in 48 hours or fewer
  • Detailed post-incident reporting with forensic summary and recommendations
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