Internet & Network Solutions

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Acronym has the internet and network connectivity services you need to meet your goals. Whether your organization needs to build resilience, increase capacity and reach or improve performance, we’ve got you covered with scalable, high-performance solutions.


Commercial and wholesale internet solutions, delivering up to 100 Gbps of symmetrical, low-latency connectivity through our private fibre-optic network.

  • Multi-layer, fault-tolerant architecture with diverse path routing to maximize resilience
  • Dedicated bandwidth for the highest levels of availability and reliability
  • Add DDoS Shield to protect internet circuits and resources from DDoS attacks

Secure SD-WAN

Hybrid network architecture that integrates legacy WAN services with direct and secure branch-to-internet connectivity.

  • Fully managed service, powered by Fortinet, the premier provider of integrated SD-WAN and security functionality
  • Intelligently and automatically routes customer-applications traffic, based on defined policies and current network conditions
  • Bulletproof inter-site traffic encryption and next-generation firewall protection


A highly secure network service that connects your headquarters, data centres, satellite offices and mobile employees, without using public internet.

  • Options to prioritize and manage latency-sensitive, mission-critical services and applications
  • Fast network failover and reconvergence to automatically reroute network traffic in the event of an outage
  • Delivered through our fibre-optic network to reduce security risks and performance limitations


A highly secure network solution that connects your offices, data centres and other remote locations to the applications they need.

  • High-performance networking and low latency with up to 10 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth
  • Multiple paths to bypass outages and defined service-level agreements for built-in resilience
  • Delivered through our private fibre-optic network for optimal security


High-performance transport network connectivity across protected or unprotected circuits, allowing organizations to move large data sets quickly and securely.

  • Dedicated bandwidth and speeds of up to 100 Gbps to increase performance
  • Custom design and implementation to ensure your network meets your needs
  • Custom interfaces for network access and connectivity

Dark Fibre

Secure, unlit transportation network services that provide the ultimate in performance and scalability for businesses that need complete control over their network.

  • Dedicated, single-tenant service for high security
  • Deploy your own equipment for full control over network cost, operation and management
  • Scale up your network as your bandwidth requirements grow

Tower Attachments

Utility-grade tower attachment and co-location options for organizations that want to expand and upgrade their network without the costly investment in infrastructure.

  • Antenna attachments available on Hydro One’s network of steel towers and utility poles 
  • Backhaul network connectivity available at many sites
  • Equipment co-located in one of our shelters or in your shelter placed on our premises
Our Network

Expand Your Network. Leverage Ours.

Our network spans thousands of kilometres, connects to more than 40 data centres and is supported 24/7 by our Network Operations Centre (NOC). It’s the same NOC that manages the network that enables Ontario's electrical grid. By leveraging Hydro One’s fibre assets – located above ground on transmission towers across Ontario – we offer a diverse network for businesses that need resiliency, speed and security.

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