Support IT 24/7/365

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Having good tech support on hand can be a game changer. Support IT will keep your operations running smoothly, free up time for your in-house IT team and manage your IT service desk – all in multiple languages. We’ll take care of everything from tech issues with an app to system-wide outages.

Support IT
Product summary
24/7/365 technical support, covering everything from desktop and app issues to system-wide outages.
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How does it Work?

Support IT provides complete IT service – from our help desk for individual issues to our service desk that prioritizes technical issues through a ticket management system. We adhere to industry best practices, provide a web portal featuring a transparent log of our work and offer different levels of support according to your business needs. 

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Multilingual Support

24/7/365 support in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
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Onsite & Remote Hands-on Assistance

Remote technical assistance for all inquiries, plus global dispatch service to resolve issues onsite.
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Flat-fee User Pricing

Pricing is based on a fixed monthly rate per user with unlimited support from our help desk team.
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24/7/365 Service

Includes hardware, software and flexible application support, as well as full ticket management.
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