Optimizing Budgets

IT leadership in the 21st century isn’t just about delivering the best technology or communication solutions; it’s also about delivering value. We can help you invest your budget as efficiently as possible while generating the best outcomes for your organization.

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Cost-Efficient Technology

If your business relies on severely outdated technology, we can help update your systems for immediate and long-term savings. For example, maintaining a traditional phone system is costly, and switching from a traditional PBX phone system to SIP Trunking can translate into significant cost savings for your business.

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Fully Managed Solutions

Don’t hire for every skill; reduce your overhead and increase your access to scalable expertise with managed IT services. Whether it’s network monitoring, unified communications, data management or security, we cover the tasks that stretch your capacity. It’s one predictable monthly cost for a complete, skilled team you don’t have to hire or train.


We have a robust product catalogue of solutions that scale up and down, easily – when you need it. As your business grows and demand for information and communications technology grows with it, you can count on affordable and flexible solutions to meet your needs.

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Budget-Optimized Solutions

Here are a few of our services for maximizing IT spend.

Manage IT

Expert management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure and systems – across branch offices, remote workstations and the cloud.

  • 24/7/365 monitoring, support, maintenance, reporting and asset management
  • Remote delivery within various cloud systems, with the option of adding on-site hours
  • Access to an online portal to better manage capacity and ensure proper budgeting and planning for IT needs

SIP Trunking

Get reliable and affordable voice services that are flexible enough to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. If you’ve already invested in traditional voice infrastructure, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is the first step in modernizing your digital capabilities. SIP technology preserves your investment by using your existing data network to digitize your communications.

  • On-demand session bursting to protect against unexpected call spikes
  • Crisp call quality and end-user experience delivered by our state-of-the-art network
  • Fully managed conversion from IP-PBX to SIP

Insights from Our Resource Centre

Looking for more expertise? Our team put together some material to address common topics, challenges and solutions in the ICT world.

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ICT has a broader lens, encompassing IT and other communications technologies like telecommunications, the internet, and wireless networks. This broader spectrum includes any product or service that enables communication and the electronic capturing, processing, and transmission of information.
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6 Questions you need to ask when choosing a UCaaS Solution

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) integrates telephony, conferencing, collaboration, messaging, and more into a single cloud platform, streamlining business communications and enhancing productivity, especially for remote work environments.
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Understanding How SIP Enhances VoIP Communications

Learn how SIP improves call quality, facilitates secure transmission, and ensures seamless connectivity for your VoIP network.
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