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DDoS attacks: Stop them before they start

You may have heard of or even experienced them, but Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not to be taken lightly. They can bring an organization’s network, servers or applications to their knees by overwhelming them with malicious traffic. These attacks can last anywhere from minutes to days. Their impact can severely limit an organization’s ability to function and will typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lost revenue. Even more damaging can be the loss of public trust in your company or organization.

Why it's important to protect yourself

Every year, the rates of successful DDoS attacks continue to rise, with the total number of DDoS attacks expected to reach 15.4 million by 20232 . You can protect your business from DDoS attacks before they reach your network with DDoS Shield from Acronym.

It offers 24/7/365 detection and mitigation in seconds, plus an easy-to-use portal for 360° visibility so you can see where the threat is coming from. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing that your business is protected. Plus, because DDoS Shield can be added to your Acronym internet service, you’ll reduce your overall investment in online security and risk in the process.

How it works

DDoS Shield uses an automated cyber threat detection and mitigation technology. It works in real time to scan for malicious traffic and block it in seconds, before it can affect your network. At the same time, it’ll continue to allow clean traffic through, so your network remains available. Unlike with other solutions, since the traffic detection and mitigation is contained within Canada in the Acronym network, network latency is kept to a minimum and your data remains under Canadian jurisdiction.

And, for added insight into your organization’s overall threat landscape, DDoS Shield offers your organization access to a secure customer portal. It gives you a realtime view of practical attack analytics (e.g., top attacked assets) and details about each attack, including its:

  • Status;
  • Type;
  • Frequency;
  • Duration; and
  • Size.

These details are useful in helping you improve your network security posture. You can also choose to receive real-time email alerts that will notify you when an attack has occurred, as well as reports for actionable information on DDoS event activity happening across your network.

Here are the features and benefits of DDoS Shield

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Acronym’s DDoS Shield solution delivers automated, intelligent defence that quickly and seamlessly protects against volumetric Layer 3 through 7 and state exhaustion attacks, including multi-vector and zero-day threats.

24/7 Automated Detection• Smart technology actively monitors all traffic that enters the Acronym network to automatically detect and block malicious traffic before it impacts your network, without the need for in-house security expertise or manual intervention
• Industry-leading, multi-stage mitigation enriched using behavioural and machine analysis
• Comprehensive and accurate protection against the latest trends and attack vectors, which are continually enhanced based on real-world attack analytics
In-line Detection and Mitigation• In-line detection and mitigation in seconds before reaching your network for ultra-low latency
• Advanced technology protects legitimate traffic without degrading performance and with negligible false positives
• Massive total mitigation capacity — comparable to other leading Canadian ISPs
Real-Time Customer Portal• Complete visibility into history and nature of attacks, including size, frequency and duration, for deeper cybersecurity insight and situational intelligence
• Alerting and reporting for clear, actionable intelligence and compliance reporting
Data Sovereignty• Canadian sovereignty protection with a platform that resides in Acronym’s Canadian-owned and -operated network, which means your traffic is monitored and protected under Canadian legal jurisdiction

About Acronym

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