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A storage solution born to handle big data

Now that virtually every industry has become digital first, businesses have become faster, more collaborative and more efficient. But these benefits aren’t without risks. Increased use of applications and online services means businesses – large or small – are experiencing unexpected surges of unstructured data, which can overwhelm traditional storage platforms.

Acronym’s ObjectStore can help solve this problem. It offers a multi-purpose, distributed, object-based storage system designed to support large-scale unstructured data repositories. It allows you to store, protect, preserve and retrieve your data in a single platform and provides access to metadata and content search tools that enable faster and more accurate search queries.

Through these features, you’ll better understand the stored content, how it’s all used and how your objects relate to each other. This will enable more intelligent automation and integrate big data analytics based on best-in-class metadata architecture.

Why it matters

A cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution. ObjectStore is ideal for data archiving applications, where accessibility and durability mean everything. Powered by HCP, this Canadian-owned and -maintained platform ensures your data resides in Canada under Canadian legal jurisdiction. It also maintains Amazon S3 compatibility, so applications that interact with the Amazon RESTful Storage API can be easily integrated.

HCP access API & Acronym's Object Store environment


Object store service specification table


Protect your data end to end• Firewalled infrastructure, with data encrypted both in flight and at rest
Optimize your data lifecycle• Immutable storage (WORM) with 100% log retention of interactions
• True End of Life destruction with certification
Enjoy cost efficiency• Multiple storage tiers to match your needs
• No hidden fees or unpredictable costs from egress, puts, gets, scans, retrievals and deletes
Increase search accuracy• Full context indexing, including metadata
• Incorporates programmatic search into app stack
Insulate data from disruption• Multiple storage nodes with option for geo-redundancy
• Autonomic infrastructure isolates data from upgrades and equipment replacement
Secure data sharing between app environments• Unique keys can be created for each data access client

About Acronym

Acronym Solutions Inc. is a full-service information and communications technology (ICT) company that provides a range of scalable and secure Network, Voice & Collaboration, Security, Cloud and Managed IT Solutions. We support Canadian businesses, large enterprises, service providers, healthcare providers, public-sector organizations and utilities. We leverage our extensive network expertise to design and build customized, fully scalable solutions to help our customers grow their businesses and realize their full potential. With more than 20 years’ experience managing the communications system that enables Ontario’s electrical grid, Acronym is uniquely positioned to understand the mission-critical needs of any business to deliver the innovative and reliable services that respond to the changing demands of businesses, and support rapid growth and digital transformation initiatives.

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