M365 Backup

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Keep your M365 data maintained and protected

Microsoft 365 infrastructure and long term protection with Acronym Solutions

The benefits of M365 are simple. Your business can work anywhere, any time, without the need to host your own emails, files and content management system.

Powered by Veeam, our M365 Backup solution means you don’t risk losing access or control of your data including Email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. All of your data will always be available – and protected.

Why it matters

If something happens outside of Microsoft’s responsibilities, like data corruption, security threats, application failure, retention policy gaps, disabled accounts or accidental deletion, it’s not Microsoft’s problem — it’s yours.

Since 80% of organizations using M365 have suffered from an email data breach in the last 12 months1 , it’s critical to have a backup solution. Without third-party backup, your organization is vulnerable to ransomware, legal and compliance issues, business interruption and loss of data control.

Microsoft’s responsibility:

  • Global infrastructure
  • Recycle bin (limited, short-term data)
  • Data replication via geo-redundant platforms
  • Physical security, logical security, app-level

Application-Aware Routing

  • Access and control of your data
  • Data backup in a different location and platform
  • Short- and long-term, granular point-in-time recovery
  • Security against accidental deletion

M365 Backup

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365 Days of protection

With the right backup solution, you can feel confident that your email and content data will always be available. We offer M365 Backup so you can:


Protect your M365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.


Empower end-users by giving them access to their data and the ability to recover and restore whatever they want, whenever they need from any web-connected device.


Restore individual M365 files quickly and easily with user-friendly, self-service portals.


Meet legal and compliance requirements with flexible retention policies and easy restoration.

How it works


Backup your Email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams online and on-premises using native M365 APIs.


Store backups conveniently and securely in our Canadian and data-sovereign cloud. Your data remains encrypted and accessible only to you with multi-factor authentication.

Search and restore

Search and restore data quickly with industry-leading recovery flexibility. Individual objects reside in a protected file format that is easily accessible using Veeam Explorer software.


Access our exclusive DataProtect 365 portal – an easy-to-use web dashboard for recovery, analytics, reporting and access logging.

About Acronym

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