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Protecting your data and your company

In today’s digital-first business world, working remotely is more common than not. Which means most of your devices are outside of your office. And the bulk of your endpoint data is outside of your network – putting your company at risk.

Protection from data breaches, ransomware and other threats couldn’t be more important. Acronym’s Endpoint Protection, powered by Commvault, offers complete collaboration, secure file sharing and real-time mobile access. With it, you can protect and secure end-user data, and regain visibility and control should anything happen.

Why it matters

The threat of data breaches has never been more real. And the financial implications have never been so significant. In 2021, the global average total cost of a data breach was $4.21 million1 . And the average number of days to identify and contain a data breach was 2871 . Remember that the longer it takes to identify and contain a breach, the more costly it becomes. So, it’s about more than just protecting your data – it’s about protecting your bottom line.

How it works

Our Endpoint Protection Service helps you protect the data inside your network. And out.

Encrypt stored files

Protect stored files and folders against possible threats on your devices.

Control user access

Keep data safe from fake credentials with two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Remote wipe any device

Full or selective wipes of company laptops provide complete data security and peace of mind.

Encrypt data in-flight

Secure data transfer protects sent data without the need for a VPN.

Geo-tracking for lost devices

Locate a missing laptop by country, province, city, postal code or even street.

Automate security

Allows IT to manage security for an entire mobile network efficiently


Endpoint control and visibility• Ensures a consistent end-user experience with expedited backups and scheduling based on multiple variables (CPU, power source and network conditions), data transfer speeds and bandwidth consumption
Client-side data de-duplication• Eliminates redundant data from the client before copying to the server
• Reduces server-side storage space, which lowers bandwidth consumption, speeds backup process and helps to reduce costs
Optimized security and data loss prevention (DLP)• Secure data at the endpoint, in transit and in the data centre (with SSL encryption) and at rest (via AES, Blowfish, 3DES and Ghost)
• Encrypted at the file and folder level with proprietary FIPS 140-1 and 140-2 certified modules
• Other capabilities include device geo-location tracking and lock-and-wipe
End-user self-service data restore• Enables end users to search, view and restore their own files and folders from Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, Android/iOS mobile apps or a web interface
Simple access control and authentication• Granular, role-based access control (RBAC) based on Active Directory, Domino Notes Directory or LDAP
• Commvault two-factor PIN authentication is available
• Single sign-on (SSO) support via Windows credentials, SAML and social media sites with OAuth
User-friendly backup policy, workflow automation and reporting• Reduces IT admin burden with a library of basic tasks, customization capabilities and automated workflows
• Endpoints are auto detected to eliminate manual installation and configuration
• Real-time visibility into all running jobs and events with customized alerts
• Customizable and out-of-the-box reports and graphical dashboards
Accelerated search, compliance and e-discovery operations• Full-text indexing and searching against a single pool of data from all laptop and desktop users and several cloud repositories accelerates the identification of responsive data for legal hold, compliance audits and investigatory operations
• Legal hold (files and devices) workflow automation simplifies the process of ensuring electronically stored information (ESI) preservation
Virtually unlimited scalability• Scales easily from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users and from a single location to hundreds of locations globally with an agile and web-scale platform
Deployment options• Deployment options include on-premises, public/hybrid cloud and SaaS
Multiple licensing options• Backup, restore, data loss prevention
• Metadata search and reporting (per user)
• Advanced content-based search and legal hold (per user)

About Acronym

Acronym Solutions Inc. is a full-service information and communications technology (ICT) company that provides a range of scalable and secure Network, Voice & Collaboration, Security, Cloud and Managed IT Solutions. We support Canadian businesses, large enterprises, service providers, healthcare providers, public-sector organizations and utilities. We leverage our extensive network expertise to design and build customized, fully scalable solutions to help our customers grow their businesses and realize their full potential. With more than 20 years’ experience managing the communications system that enables Ontario’s electrical grid, Acronym is uniquely positioned to understand the mission-critical needs of any business to deliver the innovative and reliable services that respond to the changing demands of businesses, and support rapid growth and digital transformation initiatives.

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