Acronym introduces SIP Trunking

Acronym Solutions introduces SIP Trunking, a reliable, scalable voice over IP service that provides cost savings when compared to legacy phone lines.

TORONTO, July 14, 2022 – Acronym Solutions (formerly Hydro One Telecom) today announced the launch of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, a managed voice and data service that streamlines telephone connectivity for businesses.

For decades, fixed phone lines were the only choice for voice services. But businesses today need scalable, cost-effective solutions that work with their existing systems, and Acronym’s SIP Trunking meets these needs.

SIP Trunking leverages an existing Acronym data connection to carry voice and data on the same network at a fraction of the cost of legacy phone networks. Businesses also get the flexibility to scale voice sessions up or down to meet their changing needs.

SIP Trunking provides many additional benefits to businesses looking to upgrade their telephone connectivity.

  • Instant Cost Savings. SIP Trunking is not only less costly per voice channel than legacy phone lines, but it can also deliver savings on toll charges. Acronym’s service includes very competitive toll-free and long-distance rates, providing opportunities for even more savings.
  • Less Complexity. An IP-PBX can be easily connected to Acronym’s SIP Trunking service with minimal effort. Acronym’s solution provides SIP infrastructure via the cloud, so there is no need to invest in complicated infrastructures like session border controllers and SIP licensing. This reduces capital requirements and maintenance costs.
  • Scalability. SIP Trunking provides the ability to quickly and easily add capacity compared to legacy voice circuits. Acronym’s service includes on demand bursting to prevent missed calls when the business experiences unexpected traffic spikes.

Fixed phone lines don't make sense anymore. They're expensive to support and maintain and weren't designed to handle today's distributed workforces. Businesses need reliable and affordable voice services that are flexible enough to scale up or down at a moment's notice, which is what SIP Trunking provides to our customers.

Along with the recently announced Unified Communications services, SIP Trunking is part of Acronym’s Voice & Collaboration portfolio and full suite of ICT solutions that enable digital transformation and help businesses perform at their full potential.

About Acronym

Acronym Solutions Inc. is a full-service information and communications technology (ICT) company that provides a range of scalable and secure Network, Voice & Collaboration, Security, Cloud and Managed IT Solutions. We support Canadian businesses, large enterprises, service providers, healthcare providers, public-sector organizations and utilities. We leverage our extensive network expertise to design and build customized, fully scalable solutions to help our customers grow their businesses and realize their full potential. With more than 20 years’ experience managing the communications system that enables Ontario’s electrical grid, Acronym is uniquely positioned to understand the mission-critical needs of any business to deliver the innovative and reliable services that respond to the changing demands of businesses, and support rapid growth and digital transformation initiatives.

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