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We help companies accelerate growth through fully managed, secure, and scalable digital transformation.

a person sitting on a chair using a laptop
a person sitting on a chair using a laptop
Welcome to Acronym
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We can help you transform, scale and secure your digital capabilities. So you can grow your business and reach your full potential.

Internet and Network

Scalable solutions to build resilience, increase capacity and performance.

Voice and Collaboration

Voice and collaboration solutions that integrate easily into your existing infrastructure.

Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT services to support all or some of the complexity of IT operations.


Security services designed to provide protection for business networks.

Outsourcing specialists

Let's Overcome Your Challenges

IT leaders have a lot on their plates: facilitating the future of work; optimizing budgets; bolstering security; and maintaining a hybrid work environment. As your growth partner, Acronym can help you meet and overcome these challenges.

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Insights from Our Resource Centre

Looking for more expertise? Our team put together some material to address common topics, challenges and solutions in the ICT world.

Man presenting data on the managed IT services

What is ICT? The Global Impact of Information Communications Technology in 2024

ICT has a broader lens, encompassing IT and other communications technologies like telecommunications, the internet, and wireless networks. This broader spectrum includes any product or service that enables communication and the electronic capturing, processing, and transmission of information.
Digital connectivity solutions at home for employees

6 Questions you need to ask when choosing a UCaaS Solution

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) integrates telephony, conferencing, collaboration, messaging, and more into a single cloud platform, streamlining business communications and enhancing productivity, especially for remote work environments.
2 men in a conference room using voice collaboration technology

Understanding How SIP Enhances VoIP Communications

Learn how SIP improves call quality, facilitates secure transmission, and ensures seamless connectivity for your VoIP network.