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Introducing: Acronym’s Secure SD-WAN Available in Canada with Integrated Security

If your business is using cloud-based applications and platforms and struggling with excessive latency, less-than-ideal network performance and increasing networking costs, it might be time to consider software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology to enhance your legacy systems.

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The digital age requires more powerful connectivity
(and traditional networks can’t keep up).

Today’s modern workplaces demand speed, precision and collaboration—whether employees are working at headquarters, in branch offices or on the go. Employees, in turn, are increasingly reliant on cloud-based applications (including automation platforms and virtualized desktop and app environments) to deliver top-notch service to their customers.

These types of digital advances require best-of-breed networking and connectivity capabilities to keep the business pushing forward. The issue, though, is that traditional networking services—including those based on MPLS, Ethernet or Private Line connectivity—can’t keep up. They simply weren’t architected to support these “cloud-first” business strategies.

Legacy WAN services weren’t built for today’s digital-intensive business needs.

Traditional network topology lacks the speed and agility to support organizations in a “digital-first” marketplace. That’s because it’s architected for client–server networking models, where all branch traffic gets funneled back to the main data centre site for internet access and security checks. Performance gaps are especially prevalent as more businesses use Amazon Web Services or other shared hosting environments to run business-critical applications and services.

This kind of traffic routing may be necessary for some applications, but it can lead to higher latency and networking costs for cloud-hosted applications.

In light of such considerations, more organizations are moving to SD-WAN for faster connectivity and better branch-to-cloud network performance.

Learn more about how this solution can help your business in our whitepaper.


What is SD-WAN?

Think of it as an enabler for modern, “cloud-first” businesses.

Most standard solutions deploy a hybrid network architecture—integrating already existing WAN services (including MPLS, Ethernet and Private Line connectivity) with direct but secure branch-to-internet connectivity, which bypasses the need to route back to the main site. And, because it’s transport-agnostic, any traditional private or public IP services can be used to transport branch traffic.

In this way, integrating SD-WAN architecture with legacy services can help to overcome the increased latency and decreased performance of cloud-hosted applications.

But how safe is it?

While doing business “in the cloud” is not inherently risky—because most shared hosting services use encryption to protect their platforms and systems—going “cloud-first” comes with certain challenges, including exposing your business-critical data to increased risk from cyberthreats like infiltration from hackers, ransomware attempts and more.

Surprisingly few of today’s out-of-the-box solutions come with cybersecurity protection and prevention built-in. Instead, cybersecurity features come as add-on modules, often with a stiff sticker price that requires businesses to choose between performance and protection, with the added burden of navigating DIY networking solutions.

Thankfully, Acronym is the first service provider in Canada and among the first worldwide to offer a solution that integrates network connectivity and security in one comprehensive package.

Secure SD-WAN—Acronym’s new cyber-safe network connectivity solution.


Fortinet—our trusted partner in cyber-safe brand network connectivity.


Powered by top-rated cybersecurity provider Fortinet and delivered as a fully managed service using Fortinet’s cloud-based tools, this solution is the first of its kind in Canada and among the first globally to integrate award-winning WAN Edge infrastructure with best-of-breed network protection.

One managed solution, many benefits for “cloud-first” organizations.

  • Unified Networking Solution: Simplifies WAN Edge within one unified solution that delivers SD-WAN and cybersecurity functionality
  • Application-Aware Routing: Intelligently identifies applications and routes traffic based on defined policies and current network conditions
  • Multi-Link Control: Uses one or more WAN links simultaneously for carrying application traffic, per defined policies, for improved bandwidth on demand
  • Cloud-Based Automation: Configuration through software-defined policies ensures faster network implementation and change management
  • Zero-Touch Deployment: Significantly faster deployment at scale and simplified operations at the WAN Edge
  • Real-Time Dashboard: Provides customers with view-only access to WAN link utilization and QoS performance
  • End-to-End Security: Inter-site traffic is encrypted end-to-end using IPSec VPN technology, reducing risk from cybersecurity threats
  • Site-Specific Security Implementation: Apply site-specific security policies based on user needs, IT resources and business output requirements
  • Service-Level Guarantees: Legally binding SLAs cover Service Availability/Uptime and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

If you’re considering switching from legacy WAN to SD-WAN services, why not take advantage of the opportunity to work with a single provider that delivers all of these key features in one easy-to-implement and even easier-to-maintain solution?

To learn more about our Secure SD-WAN solution, contact us at or 1-866-345-6820 to speak with a Acronym sales representative.