Network Operations as a Service


Organizations that offer mission-critical services—especially those in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Government, Energy, Security and Healthcare sectors—know that their business success relies on continuous, “always on” service delivery.

The growing adoption of digital transformation (DX) solutions (including desktop, app and server virtualization, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and video conferencing) helps to keep these organizations running efficiently.

Yet, such innovations put a heavy burden on communications infrastructure, and most organizations simply aren’t equipped with the human or financial resources to monitor, manage, maintain, repair and recover complex network equipment and services.

This is why more and more companies are turning to third-party Network Operations service providers to maintain the best-possible network resilience, performance and uptime without the cost and complexity of building out the services in-house.

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Learn why Network Operations Services should be a part of your DX initiatives in our whitepaper.



Network Operations as a Service—Acronym’s new end-to-end solution

For over 20 years, Acronym has been providing utility grade telecommunications infrastructure, resources, monitoring, management and reporting oversight for Hydro One’s mission-critical data communications.

Now, with our Network Operations as a Service (NOS) solution, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of our professionally staffed Network Operations Centres (NOCs), to keep their communications infrastructure running smoothly, while they focus on value-added activities that can push their businesses forward.

Unlike many in-house NOCs, which are typically staffed for Monday-to-Friday, 8am-to-6pm coverage, our multiple, fully redundant and geographically dispersed NOCs offer 24/7 network monitoring and management support. This is especially useful for “always on” organizations that need consistent network performance in order to deliver critical services and have zero tolerance for downtime.

Choose from three progressive levels of NOS services:

  • Bronze – offers SNMP monitoring for smart and passive network devices, network circuits, environmental sensors including door alarms, as well as incident notification services
  • Silver – features all elements of the Bronze NOS package, plus ITIL-based Incident Management (including detection and prioritization, troubleshooting of network equipment and telecom circuits, communication with key stakeholders, repair validation, incident resolution and service restoration)
  • Gold – delivers all elements of the Silver NOS package, plus additional services for Change and Problem Management (including change reporting, root cause analysis, trend analysis and more).


Learn more about our packages by clicking the link below.



Fully managed 24/7 NOS delivers numerous benefits for “always on” organizations

When you leverage our NOS solution, we’ll take care of your day-to-day network operations, so you can focus on your business while also reducing your costs. You’ll gain the confidence of knowing that your network is being managed 24/7 by industry experts who have been delivering these types of services and support for many years.

Expect these benefits and more when you leverage Acronym’s NOS solution:

  • Improved network performance, stability and uptime
  • Increased network equipment longevity and projected replacement cycles
  • Increased user productivity and satisfaction
  • Decreased traffic to your help desk/support team
  • Streamlined processes and operational management based on best-of-breed ITIL protocols
  • Reduced infrastructure and labour costs, when compared to establishing your own in-house Network Operations team
  • Enhanced data security
  • Increased business agility and scalability

Experience the full potential of your telecom network when you combine NOS with Field Operations support

Our Field Operations as a Service (FOS) solution works in complement to NOS and features two progressive levels of Incident, Change and Spares Inventory Management, telecommunications network construction and installation, as well as in-field troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and/or replacement.

Read about our FOS solution at the link below.