We are Acronym.

We’ve changed our name, but it’s so much more than that – we’re transforming the way we do business.

Our customer-first approach enables us to simplify the experience and make digital transformation easier to help businesses reach their full potential.

Our new look

Our new logo

Our new logo expresses the dynamic, responsive and imaginative personality of our brand and our team. It shows our agility through the simplicity and sharpness of the shape and lettering.

Our new icon

An icon is the simplest form of communication – which made this the perfect choice as we were redesigning our brand. The design is dynamic, energetic and modern. The continuous, uninterrupted connection symbolizes our commitment to communication, clarity, simplification and transparency.

Our new name

In a sector full of long technical names, Acronym provides an easier way to communicate in the business world. Our new name demonstrates the simplicity, agility and responsiveness that our teams provide to our customers.

What else is changing?

This is an important milestone in our journey to transform Hydro One Telecom from a provider of connectivity to a full-service Information and Communications Technology solutions provider. This change to Acronym signals our intention to build upon our legacy and continuously evolve our product offerings to serve an expanded range of business customers.

What to expect

New product offerings

Now, more than ever, we’re dedicated to expanding on our strength of providing fibre-optic connectivity with innovative and new product offerings to better serve business customers. Recent additions have included advanced services such as Secure SD-WAN, Network Operations and Field Operations as a Service and DDoS Shield.

New communications from Acronym

Over the coming months, we will be making the transition from Hydro One Telecom to Acronym and will let you know about changes as they happen. Expect to see Acronym on your new statements, new product offerings, our website, and on service vehicles throughout the community.

No disruptions

There will be absolutely no disruptions to your service.

No account changes

There will be no changes to your account or the level of service we provide to you as a customer. Although we’re changing our name, our dedication to your account remains exactly the same.